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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 17, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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he was always smiling. he's a good boy. >> two people dead after a deadly crash on a northern california raceway. the family connection that one of the victims shared with the driver. a big crackdown aimed at getting you to put down the phone and drive. it puts a personal touch on the vatican position. a new pope waving to the crowd. the huge response for his first sunday blessing. i'm ann notarangelo. two families are grieving tonight after a deadly crash
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kills a pair of racing fans. and the connection that the driver had to one of the victims makes this all the more tragic. it happened around 6:00 last night at the marysville raceway park about 40 minutes north of sacramento. motor car racing was a family affair. the johnson family is not sure what the tragedy will mean for the sports of his family's love. >> that's right, ann. the small sprint cars with the huge oversheet wings to have their share of racetrack incidents. drivers protected within a steel shell seem to survive with a little confidence. but unprotected pedestrians were slammed by an out of control sprint car. a marysville sprint car crash brought tragedy to two young men who loved racing cars. one was driving the car, the other was standing in pit row. you can see him here on his
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page that killed his cousin, marcus johnson who lived in santa rosa. >> something stranged happened. marcus was walking back and the him. lew about 150 feet and hit >> reporter: the young victim's distraught father spoke to kpix as he wanted people to know about his son. >> marcus loved everybody. and he was always smiling. he's a good boy. he loves to play basketball. and he loved his racing and racing cars and with his cousin, helping his cousin. he is just one of those kids, you know, he's just a special boy to everybody. >> and also killed in the crash is the 68-year-old of grass valley. chase johnson seen in car number 24 in his web page video is already a veteran at just 17 years of age. last year he won the pit stop
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sprint car championship series. host a role model for his younger cousin, marcus. his parents declined interviews, providing this statement that our family has suffered an unspeakable tragedy. the passing of our precious marcus johnson. there are no words to express our sorrow. our family has been racing for four generations and they love this sport that has now brought us so much pain. and will the tragedy end the family's four generation of racing? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> while it has been suggested that the race car's steering wheel came off, the county sheriff deputies said that the cause of the action is still under investigation. autopsy will be performed this week. >> so many people want to pay their respects to these families. both families going through so much. >> yes, we kind of expected that there would be a vigil. there were 30 race teams. of course, the race has held off those fees from some $10,000 that will be donated to
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the two families. >> that'll be a nice gesture. thank you very much. in other headlines, he's a disgraced former county supervisor who gambled and lost. and he will beed to plead guilty to a certain felony and misdemeanors including perjury and misusing the campaign taxpayers money. in his letter, the 51-year-old blamed a gambling addiction saying that he has been treated for addiction. he could face a year in jail. reservations are still on hold in berkeley as a fire on march 8 heavily damaged the world famous restaurant that had canceled all reservations through this saturday and now they say that they will not reopen until at least march 30. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it appears that the electrical problem might be to blame. the san francisco symphony has canceled their upcoming east coast tour because of the musician strike. the tour included a performance
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at the hall in new york city. and according to their website, they will not be rescheduled. orchestra members went on strike wednesday for pay issues and the symphony had canceled four performances. no date has been set to continue talks. all right, now check this out. they released a time lapse video of the work being done here on the oakland airport connector. bart transit officials closed all the lanes of northbound interstate 880 between 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. this morning as it is a part of thbig construction project that will connect them to oakland international airport. and they will close it at one more time next sunday. well, free parking near the at&t park is nothing, but a memory now. for months the municipal transportation agency has been putting in parking meters at the bay area between bryant and king on 5th and 2nd street. kpix 5 is on third street where parking costs a lot more on game days. sue? >> reporter: oh yes.
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now at the moment, this is after 10:00 where they say free parking. but that was not the case earlier today. now the game is over and people are walking back to their cars where some of them are finding an expensive surprise on their windshield. he is feeling pretty lucky to have found a parking lot near the ballpark just in time for the world baseball classics. >> we went around a couple of times. then we saw the meters a couple blocks down costing about $7 an hour. >> reporter: the most expensive meters in the bay area as they knew about the mta's meter fee hikes for the special events and game days. >> what we're trying to do is to make sure that there will be one or two parking spaces available on each block to make sure that you can find a parking spot and that there will be congestion in this area. >> reporter: it is about $5 to $7. up until 10:00 p.m. kevin onsundays. >> it's ridiculous. it is the foundation. >> so what did you do? >> we left that car here. and to move it all the way
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here. >> reporter: so this fan can now focus on their team while these japanese baseball die hards, they offer this perspective. >> and how many dollars does it cost in tokyo to park your car here on this ot? >> about $10 or so. >> $10 in tokyo? >> yes. $10. >> reporter: and so about $20 will buy a few hours at the ballpark. take your chances and you could strike out big with a $62 ticket. here is more useful information in the future of the hall that calls it the pilot. but you can count on it being a permanent program. and you don't need quarters that will run out. you could put a credit card in here for hours. some people are asking me about that earlier today. ann? >> sue as you talk about congestion, is this suppose to be a moneymaker? >> reporter: well yes, that's one of the ideas behind it as they did put in hundreds of new meters. they confirmed that first they need to crack down on the
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disabled parking spot abuse. earlier today we showed you a newscast that added 15 parking spaces. 13 had that there. not to say that they were not all legitimate, but they did confirm tonight that they are looking into the possible abuse in some cases because you could park for free for as many hours as you want. >> a lot of work to be done. thank you so much. all right a warning for people who don't put their phones down while driving. next month thousands of cops will be a part of the major crackdown on distracted drivers. police wrote about 425,000 tickets last year for talking on hand held phones. while the number is down from the previous year, it is still a 41% increase from 2009. texting tickets, they are much lower. 21,000 issued in 2012. texting is easier to hide and therefore easier to get away with. still a 42% increase over last year. 400,000 people nationwide were killed or injured in crashes blamed on the distracted
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driving. and two high school footballplayers from stevensville, ohio will spend at least the next year in juvenile jail after being convicted of raping the 16-year- old girl. they were drunk at a party when they took advantage of her at an incident that played out over social media. today they apologized to the victim and her family. >> i would like to apologize to her and her family and the community. i'm sorry to put you down to it. >> reporter: their attorney general says they will convene a grand jury to investigate whether or not the coaches, parents, other students broke the law by refusing to speak up. and the private jet crashed on into an indiana neighborhood hitting about three homes and killing two of the four people on board. the plane was apparently having the mechanical problems. it's not clear if anyone on the ground or in the houses were killed. at least three survivors are being treated at the loca hospital. and tonight the plane is still
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lodged in one of the homes. officials say that it is too dangerous to go in. tomorrow the president is expected to nominate thomas perez to be the next u.s. secretary of labor. he currently heads up the justice department and their civil rights division. replacing that there and telling police to step down in january. but some democrats expect a new labor secretary to intensify the white house's push for an increase in the minimum wage. well pope francis stamped his personal touch on the first sunday blessing. 300,000 people showed up for today's address from his balcony over st. peters square. cbs reporter explains how they came face to face with the church members. he told the estimated gathered below that it will be nice for them and to be gone on sunday at the square.
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and his comments drew the laughter and applause, especially when offering up several languages where he gave the traditional italian wish. >> reporter: have a good sunday and enjoy lunch. only a few minutes earlier francis was plunging into the crowd that gathered outside his parish church at the edge of the vatican territory where he set mass. the break from protocol seemed to catch his security men off balance and unsure of what to do. whatever francis does to reform the vatican won't be known for a while. and the heads of the department who automatically lost their job between popes have been reinstated on the understanding that for some it will be temporary. and taking on the faithful in the curious, it was a trial run for the installation of the pope on tuesday. and the crowds, they are expected to be massive. after that, francis will start getting ready for the easter holy week and those who serve him will start finding out what styles he's going to change.
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the catholic faithfuls of brooklyn will be watching with keen interest. >> well, you can take a look at some of those scandals. we'll see what he does. >> reporter: and what he is doing now seems to be exactly wh both the people and those who chose this entirely new kind of pope want. bringing the church back to its roots. cbs news, rome. >> the vice president joe biden will lead a u.s. delegation to rome for the installation ceremony of pope francis on tuesday. the republican governor of new mexico and house minority leader nancy pelosi will join the delegation. bag pipes, dancing and celebrating all things green. still to come a great time at the second biggest st. patrick's day parade in the country. revving up for a weekend riding tradition in the north bay. coming up next, the extra patrols at slamming the breaks on wreckless driving. okay, you've got to take a good look at this as we cannot get enough peek at the
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beautiful bay bridge all lit up tonight. we'll have another day of the lit up sunshine before the rain arrives. the details coming up as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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commute hours. last august, bart launched a test allowi bikes on trains bart limits bikes on trains during the commute hour. last august they launched a test allowing bikes on trains on friday for that one month. after getting input from the riders, modifying the plans that allow bikes all this week during their commute hours. no bikes will be allowed out on the first three trains. bart's long-time tradition on bikers for the sunday morning motorcycle ride from cam junction to port reyes atracks a large group. >> if i'm speaking with someone, then i would have to pause and wait until they are done. >> reporter: it's a familiar sight and sound here on highway
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1. sunday's bikers day. now the bikers who don't obey the rule have brought chp. >> early on in the morning between 8:00 to 10:00 we get a lot of motorcycles that want to come out and kind of show their skills on the windy roads out here. >> reporter: these two officers are here to get bikers to pay attention. >> we get about 15 to 50 motorcycle in a group. >> they bother me, yeah. >> reporter: george schmidt is an artist who thinks that all the motorcycles are at odds with the tranquility of the gallery where he presents his work. >> i see no need for a vehicle to hinge on the ability that has folks enjoy the peace and solitude. >> it's a bit dangerous. >> reporter: alex anderson's group is a foursome and they would like to keep it that way. >> one guy could make a mistake and many guys could pay the consequences. >> reporter: sot chp are along highway 1 to be -- so the chp are along the highway 1 to be seen. >> it is very dangerous. we do get a lot of increased
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motorcycle crashes and bicycle crashes on the weekends. >> reporter: chp is not here to crack down on anybody, they just want to make their presence known and keep everybody in check and safe. reporting live, kpix5. we have a forecast that we really need to pay attention to with some big-time changes. >> the first day of spring arriving, spring showers, right here in the bay area. good evening everybody. let's step it outside. this is a different view. the 586 corridor from our kpix 5 weather camera. where is everybody going out there? wow, lots of people are out there on the roadway. mountainview currently 53. livermore at 52. san jose in the lower 50s. mostly cloudy skies after the sun-filled day today. we'll be bringing it back to the avenues, all the way up to the 70s in santa rosa and 74
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for the warm spot. now tonight another cool night here under the mostly cloudy sky. upper 40s to the north and right in between. 40s around the central bay with a beautiful view of the bay bridge. wow. mostly cloudy tonight with a deck of high thin clouds. partly sunny skies during the day and rain will be moving through the bay area. and here's the deal with the high pressure, encompassing the entire state. in fact it has for the past seven days. and it will be a little bit cooler today than yesterday by five to seven degrees as these clouds, they ran over the ridge. that area of low pressure will be working their way to the forecast. and here is your monday morning commute at 8:00 a.m. here goes monday night into tuesday. and there is your tuesday morning commute. no need for the umbrella. but by tuesday evening, that's
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when we'll be able to start to see that rain shower here. and if the timing serves us correctly on the computer model, you'll be able to see it engulfed here as we do have the world tracking baseball game here on tuesday at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. as that will be very interesting to see if they will be able to get that game up. scattered showers all the way until wednesday as the cold front moves through with the heaviest precipitation tuesday through your overnight hours. and so we do have me sunshine here on tap for monday at the central valley. mid-50s in the high sierra with springtime skiing. take a look at your highs tomorrow. upper 50s to the coast and the lower 70s in the inland area with 10 to 20. your extended forecast will call for the rain to rise with the evening commute here on tuesday. scattered showers on wednesday. high pressure quickly throws back in for the first full day. with spring here on thursday and then we'll talk about that springtime temperature near 80
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degrees by this time this weekend. the running of the half marathon on sunday and boy that weather will be very ideal as i saw it last year with a little bit of rain. that's personal. >> all right. thank you so much. and all right the irish pride here on display this weekend. coming up next, what will be home to one of the biggest st. patrick's day here in the u.s. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like?
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a new hero in the classic dy kong arcade game. this time, the all right, carefully a new hero in the classic donkey kong arcade game. this time the princess gets to
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rescue mario. this is the 3-year-old daughter who asked if will is a way to allow the game to have the princess save her boyfriend. she figured out how to hack the game to do the rescuing. the video now has more than 2 million views on youtube. well oz the great and powerful is living up to its name. >> i might actually be here. >> yeah, but they don't have that. >> this film proved to take control of the box office chart list taking in more than $42 million. the call of a thriller starring halle barry came in second. others rounded out the top five. a huge crowd celebrated st. patrick's day in one of the nation's most irish cities. [ cheering and applause ] ♪ [ music ] >> boston's parade is the
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second largest in the country after new york. it is held in the traditional irish neighborhood of south boston known as southie, the locals. headed to the big dance and why one of them will not have to go very far. i'm dennis o'donnell of houston. they had a serious game here tonight. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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while one team is already oe road, the other gets to slen their own bed... christian, start the clock r while one team is on the road, the other gets to sleep on their own bed as they earned a no. 12 seed, but don't feel too bad for them as that will be facing 15 here for them and san jose on thursday as the two teams
10:29 pm
met back in december with berkeley. running and losing to the doubles here by one point. meanwhile st. mary's will be on route today. they will play middle tennessee state in the playing game on tuesday. and if you win that, you can go to auburn hills to take on the no. 6 speed. mark jackson and the warriors finally turned the table as it was houston with the problem. after losing the first three meetings, golden state blew them out, 108-78. they both combined for about 55 points. and in golf, pga, taking the tampa bay championship for his first career win on tour, which also earned him a spot in the masters next week. are these new graphics that you have? these little things that you can see here? and you can watch it. take a look at that. you see? and that is a three-run shot. whose idea is that? >> that's one thing that you don't understand, dennis. >> i'll get that back. >>


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